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The collection of the Fryderyk Chopin and George Sand Museum in Valldemossa

edited by Bożena Schmid - Adamczyk
Curator of the Museum in Valldemossa
English translation: Philip Stoeckle


The Fryderyk Chopin and George Sand Museum in Valldemossa was founded by Anne-Marie Boutroux de Ferrà (1895-1986) with the help of George Sand's granddaughter - Aurora Lauth-Sand, who bequeathed a significant portion of her collections. The Museum's collection has grown over the years through gifts and purchases at auctions of manuscripts, portraits, mementos and documents, but mainly through the purchase of Arthur Hedley's collection in 1969. Part of the Museum's collection is currently closed to visitors, though kept in the archives of the Museum's owners. The collection is open for academic and research work.


I. Autographs of Fryderyk Chopin's compositions

1. Trois Etudes from the collection Méthode des Méthodes: no. 1 F-minor (inv. no. M/52)1, no. 2 A-flat major (inv. no. M/53), no. 3 D-flat major (inv. no. M/54)2

2. Etude in F-minor op. 25 no. 2. The first version is recorded in the album of Antoni Teichmann; inv. no. M/ 47(16)

3. Nocturne in E-major op. 62 no. 2; inv. no. M/51

4. [Nocturne in C-sharp minor (Lento con gran espressione)]. The only surviving autograph of the work; inv. no. M/493

5. Fuge in A-minor. The only remaining autograph of the work; inv. no. M/50.

6. Waltz in D-flat major op. 64 no. 1. Fragment of the work covering the fists nine measures and the beginning of the tenth measure; inv. no. M/55.

7. Draft, with note by Teofil Kwiatkowski; inv. no. M/48

II. Autographs of George Sand's literary works

1. Souvenir de Majorque. Portion of the manuscript; inv. no. M/73

2. Consuelo. 10 chapters, including two owned by Chopin; inv. no. M/26

III. Letters of Fryderyk Chopin

1. To Josepha François Fétis in Paris, Paris 27 III 1836; inv. no. M/65

2. To Juliana Fontana in Paris, Valldemossa, 28 XII 1838; inv. no. M/59

3. To Camille Pleyel in Paris, Marseilles, 12 III 1839; inv. no. M/56

4. To Wojciech Grzymała in Paris with a note by George Sand, [Marseilles 16 IV 1839]; inv. no. M/61

5. To Julian Fontana in Paris, Nohant, 9 VIII 1839; inv. no. M/57

6. To Julian Fontana in Paris, Nohant, [20 lub 27 VI 1831]; inv. no. M/58

7. To Julian Fontana in Paris, Nohant, 26 VII 1841; inv. no. M/67

8. To Ludwika Jędrzejewicz in Warsaw, Nohant, 31 X 1844; inv. no. M/66

9. To Maria de Rozières in Paris, [London], 1 VI 1848; inv. no. M/62

10. To Camille Pleyel in Paris, Johnston Castle, 11 VII [1848]; inv. no. M/64

IV. Letters by George Sand with notes by Fryderyk Chopin:

1. To Wojciech Grzymała in Paris, [Paris, Spring 1840 ?], (address written by Chopin); inv. no. M/63

2. To Wojciech Grzymała in Paris, Palma, 14 [?] XII 1838; inv. no. M/60

3. To Wojciech Grzymała in Paris, [Nohant, 26 VIII 1846]; inv. no. M/224.

4. To Wojciech Grzymała in Paris, [Nohant, 12 X 1846]; inv. no. M/23

V. First publications of Chopin's works

The collection contains a significant number of first publications of works by Chopin, published by three publishers: Maurice Schlesinger in Paris, Breitkopf & Härtel in Leipzig, and R. Ch. Wessel & Co in London (the first English publication was the most complete in the world). The interesting first editions included: Variations on Mozart's Là ci darem la mano in B-minor Op. 2 published in Vienna by Tobias Haslinger in 1830, dedicated to Tytus Woyciechowski (inv. no. IM/8) and the only known copy of the Grand duo de «Robert le Diable» by Chopin and August Franchomme in a four-handed arrangement (Paris 1839, Maurice Schlesinger, inv. no. IM/I(11). The collection also contains five volumes of Chopin's works published after his death [op. 66-70], edited by Julian Fontana, and published by A. M. Schlesinger in Berlin.

Other publications deserving attention:

Album des pianistes. Morceaux inédits composés par M. M. Chopin, John Cramer, Jacques Herz, Hiller, Kalkbrenner, Moscheles, Pixis, F. Hünten, with a portrait according to P.R. Vigeron, published by M. Schlesinger in Paris (inv. no. Im/84). Three nocturnes Op. 15 by Chopin were published in the album. This copy contains a dedication by the composer. To my beloved sister Ludwika Jędrzejowicz / Paris 1844. F. Chopin.

  • Six chants polonais op. 74 de Fr. Chopin transcrit pour le piano [...] par F. Liszt (inv. no. Im/83). Copy with a correction by F. Liszt for the publisher Adolf Schlesinger in Berlin (all the corrections were considered in the first publication, Berlin 1859)4

  • F. Liszt, S. Thalberg, J. P. Pixis, H. Herz, C. Czerny, F. Chopin, Hexameron; Morceau de concert. Grandes variations de bravoure pour piano sur la Marche des Puritains de Bellini. Composées pour le Concert de Mme la Princesse Belgiojoso au Bénéfice des pauvres [...], Vienna 1839, T. Haslinger, inv. no. Im/1

VI. Portraits and paintings (selection)

1. Luigi Calamatta, portrait of Chopin, approx. 1840; inv. no. I/12

2. Teofil Kwiatkowski, portrait of F. Chopin, pencil drawing, bequeathed by the artist in 1851 to Ms. Dulong; inv. no. I/4

3. Ary Scheffer, portrait of Chopin, oil painting, 1847; inv. no. I/9

4. Teofil Kwiatkowski, Chopin sur son lit de mort, oil painting, 1849 for Camille Pleyel; inv. no. I/10

5. Joseph Bonaventure Laurens, Chopin jouant du piano, oil painting, performed after the composer's death; inv. no. I/8.

6. Auguste Charpentier, portrait of George Sand, oil painting; inv. no. I/6

7. E. L. Dubufé, portrait of George Sand; inv. no. I/20

8. Nadar, George Sand, photograph approx 1860; inv. no. Ph/64

9. Eugène Delacroix, portrait of Maurice Sand, pencil drawing, approx. 1836; inv. no. I/7

10. Maurice Sand, Storm on Majorca, water color; inv. no. I/22

11. Maurice Sand, Maurice and Solange eating oranges in the garden, pencil drawing; inv. no. I/23

12. Maurice Sand, Album containing 114 water colors and drawings; inv. no. I/15

13. Maurice Sand, Album containing sketches from the trip to Majorca; inv. no. I/19

VII. Mementos (selection)

1. Chopin's hair curl mounted in a stylized frame resting on paper, on which George Sand wrote in English: "Poor Chopin", 1848, inv. no. S/5

2. Chopin's vest from formal attire; inv. no. S/3

3. Chopin's ivory comb; inv. no. S/8

4. A pair of dolls dressed in Majorcan costumes; inv. no. S/9

5. Case belonging to George Sand from Vienna, with her handwritten text: Cette boîte de Vienne m'a été donnée par Chopin et je la donne à Aurore qui en aura bien soin. G. Sand 7 8bre 1873; inv. no. S/7

6. Commode given by Chopin to George Sand during the composer's first visit to Nohant; inv. no. S/4

VIII. Library

The museum possesses an extensive library, comprised of editions of Fryderyk Chopin's and George Sand's works, along with compilations devoted to the composer and the writer, starting from nineteenth century publications to the most recent, including some with dedications written by the authors themselves.

1The abbreviation "inv. no." means the inventory number of the Valldemossa collection.

2The autographs of the Trois Etudes, Nocturne op. 62 no. 2, Nocturne in C-sharp minor (Lento con gran espressione) and the Fuge in A-minor were published in the reproduction: [vol. 1] Frédéric Chopin. Manuscrits Autògrafs Musicals, Valldemossa, Mallorca 2003; [vol. 2] Frédéric Chopin. Manuscrits Autògrafs Musicals. Comentaris, Bożena Adamczyk-[Schmid], Anàlisi crítica dels manuscrits, Valldemossa, Mallorca 2004.

3 First publication: see Adamczyk-[Schmid] 1979.

4 See Poniatowska 2008.



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