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This Web Site has been set up by the Fryderyk Chopin Society in Warsaw, which for 70 years has been collecting Chopiniana and promoting knowledge about the composer and his works. Now, thanks to the Internet, we can reach many more people throughout the world, who are interested in Chopin and his music, and we hope that our service will be an exciting adventure of discovery as well as providing information on specific aspects of Chopin's life and works.

We have structured the material in order to make access to it as easy as possible, using the powerful Internet World Wide Web facilities. There are three major sections - (I) the life of Chopin, (II) the works of Chopin, and (III) the Chopin tradition, and these three areas cover in total some 30 subjects. The majority of these subjects have a three tier structure, including a description, facts and documents; the remaining topics, which owing to their nature have a single or two tier structure, can be expanded by the user by following the on-screen instructions. A table of contents at the beginning and a site map (to be added later) will help the user find his way around the Web Site.

The material will be presented in 4 to 6 stages, beginning with subjects relevant to specific sections.

The "Chopin: Life - Works - Tradition" Site will be a multi-media collaboration by authors, editors, graphic artists, and IT specialists, who are all expert in their field. Their professional expertise and continuing collaboration ensure that the Web Site will be of great value to both general music lovers and professional musicians and musicologists.

Teresa Czerwinska

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We cordially invite an exchange of views concerning the life and works of Fryderyk Chopin as well as a discussion about the Chopin tradition. Our e-mail address is info@chopin.pl.

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