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Tradition / List of Chopin competitions



List of Chopin competitions over the world

edited by Barbara Niewiarowska

English translation: Magda Mierowska


Here is the list of competitions already known to take place world wide, whose winners give concerts in places connected with the Chopin tradition and take part in festivals and judge the performances of young pianists.

Chopin Piano Competitions (description)


International Chopin competitions all over the world:


The "Chopin in memoriam" International Piano Competition, Varna,

every year (depending on available finance), since 1989

The Czech Republic

The Chopin Competition, Marianske Lazne,

every 2 years, since 1962


The International Chopin Competition for Young Pianists, Narva,

every year, since 1999; did not take place in 2003


Concours de Piano (Piano Competition), including Chopin's music,  Brest,

every year, since 1996


Europaeischer Chopin Klavierwettbewerb (The European Chopin Piano Competition), Darmstadt,

every 3 years, since 1983


The International Chopin Competition in Budapest,

every 2 years, since 2004


Concorso Internazionale di Esecuzione Pianistica "Fryderyk Chopin"(The International Fryderyk Chopin Piano Competition), Racconigi,

every year,  since 1996

Selezione Internationale "Fryderyk Chopin" (The International "Fryderyk Chopin" Competition), Catanzaro Lido,

every year, since 1999


International Chopin Piano Competition in Asia, Tokyo,

every year, since 2000


The International Chopin Competition in Vilnius,

every 3 years, since 1999


The International Fryderyk Chopin Piano Competition, Warsaw,

every 5 years, since 1927

The International Fryderyk Chopin Competition "Chopin for the Youngest", Antonin,

every 2 years, since 1992

The International Fryderyk Chopin Piano Competition for Children and Young People, Szafarnia,

every year,  since 1993

The International Fryderyk Chopin Competition for Children, Zielona Gora,

every 3 years, since 1999


The International "F. Chopin" Competition for Young Pianists, Moscow

every 4 years, since 1992


The International Chopin Competition, Taipei,

every year, since 1991


The International F. Chopin Competition of Ukrainian and Polish Music,



International Chopin Piano Competition, Corpus Christi,

every year, since 1993 


National Chopin competitions


The Chopin Competition, Göttingen,

every 2 years, since 1990


The Chopin Competition, Lima,

every 2 years, since 2007


All-Poland Fryderyk Chopin Piano Competition, Warsaw,

every year,    www.tifc.chopin.pl    www.nifc.pl


The Chopin Competition, Bangkok,

every 3 years, since 1986


The Kosciuszko Foundation Chopin Piano Competition, New York,

every year, since 1949

The National Chopin Piano Competition of the United States, Miami,

every 5 years, since 1975

The Chopin Youth Piano Competition, Houston,

every 2 years, since 1999




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