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     Our website, created by and run under the supervision of the Fryderyk Chopin Society, first appeared on the Internet in 1997, and it has been there since.   Its role is that of a multimedia encyclopaedia of knowledge about Fryderyk Chopin.  As its founders, we drew on our long-time experience of gathering and popularising information about the composer.  The huge museum collection as well as archive and library material allowed us to enrich the written information with the Chopin iconography, illustrations, the facsimiles of important documents and sound recordings. We enlisted the co-operation of outstanding authorities in many areas of specialisation to ensure the accuracy and completeness of the information presented on our website.  Since its inception the project has been supervised by the Editorial Committee drawn from internationally renowned Polish experts on Chopin.

      However, the huge amount of wide ranging information on, or relevant to, Chopin, which we now have, has made it necessary to develop a clear structure.  The main menu reflects this structure and the whole material is divided into three sections.  Section 1 deals with the composer's life, section 2 with his work, and section 3 with the Chopin tradition existing since the composer's day.  Each section has three tiers.  The first tier is general and descriptive.  The second is factual and offers brief information in the form of letters, indexes, and catalogues, etc.  The third tier refers to the first two and contains illustrations, recordings and quotations from source documents, such as Chopin's letters, critical reviews and press articles.

      The website, as we have now designed it, allows for further expansion.  New subjects will gradually be added.  Also, over time the material will be revised and updated. We hope that Internet browsers searching for Chopin-related information will visit our website on a regular basis.

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