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The Frederick Chopin Museum
at the
Frederick Chopin Society in Warsaw

    Objects purchased from Kniolek in the years 1959-1961 included among others two letters written by Chopin in Nohant to his family, [18-]20 July 1845 and from Paris, 8-[9] June [18]47, a sketch of the C minor Nocturne, a sketch in E-flat Major and Chopin's piano exercises and commemorative records by Louis Werner, Aloysy Fuchs, Wilhelm Würfel, Leopold E. Czapek, Thomas Tellefsen, Seweryn Galezowski and Norbert Alfons Kumelski for Chopin, originating from Vienna in 1831, letters addressed to Chopin (from A. C. de Belleville-Oury, S. Horsley, J. Janina, C. S. Norton, E. Shelburne, A. Sartoris, M. Gibson), letters recommending the composer, for example, in connection with his journey to England in 1848 (from D. Obrescoff and M. Kalergis), letters by Jane Wilhelmina Stirling (25 items), Delfina Potocka (Paris, 26 [October] 1849), Camille Pleyel (Paris, 12 December 1853), Henri F. Chorley (London, 1? November 1849), Feliks Bentkowski (Warsaw, 4 July 1848) and Julian Fontana (Paris, 2 July 1852) to Ludwika Jedrzejewiczowa, letters from the publishers Breitkopf and Haertel of Leipzig as well as Franz Ries of Dresden, Aleksandra and Maurycy Karasowski to Izabella Barcinska, and her response to the Karasowskis, concerning new editions of Chopin's compositions as well as a biography of the composer.

    Sketch of Chopin's Nokturne in c minor

    Sketch in E flat major by Chopin

    Minuet in G major by L. Werner as a keepsake for Chopin

    Drawings by Chopin

    Moreover, J. Kniolek sold to the Chopin Society three drawings by Chopin, his prayer book La journée du chretien sanctifiée par la prière et la méditation, Varsovie 1783, with an autograph of the owner), a book from the composer's library which he received in 1824 in the Warsaw Lycée as a prize for good behaviour and studiousness (G. Monge, Wyklad Statyki ... , Warsaw 1820), Chopin's calligraphy notebook, three extremely valuable calendars belonging to Chopin, from the years 1834, 1848 and 1849, containing his notes, the first edition of the G minor Polonaise, issued in 1817 by Father J. J. Cybulski with a dedication for Wiktoria Skarbek, a plan of the Chopin piano method, copied by his sister Ludwika, and three letters by the poet Stefan Witwicki, written to George Sand in Freiwaldau (17 December 1844), Grafenberg (1 January 1846) and Rome (16 March 1847).

    Chopin's exercise book for calligraphy

    It is also worth mentioning special wishes sent by Chopin's sisters - Emilia, Izabella and Ludwika - on the name days of their parents, as well as Dziennik z podrozy do Niemiec, Holandii i Francji (Diary from a Journey to Germany, the Netherlands and France) (Warsaw, 10 June - Paris, 24 August 1828), by Ludwika's husband-to-be, Jozef Kalasanty Jedrzejewicz and a thirty two page-long letter by Ludwika to her husband, starting with the words: "I offended you involuntarily and three years of most avid suffering and tears were unable to placate you..." (Warsaw, after 17 September 1852), as well as an autograph of a rough copy of the speech made by Father Jan Dekert during the funeral of Mikolaj Chopin in the Powazki cemetery in Warsaw on 6 May 1844.

    First draft of a speech by Rev. J. Dekert for the funeral of Chopin's father