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    Attended by 77 pianists from 25 countries

    The jury assessed the performance of the Competition participants by applying a scale of 1-25 points. Only those participants who received a minimum average of 16 points in the first stage passed to the second stage, while the third stage was reached by those candidates who received a minimum average of 18 points in the second stage. Prizes and diplomas of an honourable mention depended on the sum of average points gained in all three stages.

The prizes were awarded in the following order:


Adam Harasiewicz (Poland)


Vladimir Ashkenazy (USSR)


Fou Ts`Ong (People`s Republic of China)


Bernard Ringeissen (France)


Naum Shtarkman (USSR)


Dmitri Papyerno (USSR)

VII Lidia Grychtolˇwna (Poland)
VIII Andrzej Czajkowski (Poland)
IX Dmitri Sakharov (USSR)
X Kiyoko Tanaka (Japan)

The Polish Radio prize for the best perfomance of the mazurkas went to Fou Ts`Ong.

Honourable mention:

Oscar Gacitua (Chile), Tadeusz Kerner (Poland), Malinee Peris (Ceylon), Giuseppe Postiglione (Italy), Manfred Reuthe (West Germany), Imre Szendrei (Hungary)

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