Wersja polska | Polish version

    Attended by 79 pianists from 21 countries

    During the first stage, the adjuciators judged performances on a scale of up to 30 points. The 20 participants who received the largest number of points performed again during the two last days of the Competition, playing one of the two piano concertos and this performance was assessed on a scale of up to 20 points. The sum of points from both stages was used to decide the order of the winners.

The prizes were awarded in the following order:


Jakov Zak (USSR)


Roza Tamarkina (USSR)


Witold Malcuzynski (Poland)


Lance Dossor (Great Britain)


Agi Jambor (Hungary)

VI Edith Axenfeld (Germany)
VII Monique de la Bruchollerie (France)

Jan Ekier (Poland)

IX Tatyana Goldfarb (USSR)
X Olga Iliwicka (Poland)
XI Pierre Maillard -Verger (France)
XII Lelia Gousseau (France)
XIII Halina Kalmanowicz (Poland)

The Polish Radio prize for the best perfomance of the mazurkas went to Jakov Zak.

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