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    Attended by 89 pianists from 18 countries. Two entrants did not declare state affiliation.

    Scale of grades up to 15 points. The eight participants who won the largest number of points were entitled to play a concerto with the orchestra. The concertos were followed by a performance reassessment, and the points awarded were added to those obtained for the solo performances. Prizes were given according to the number of points awarded. In the case of an equal number of points, the order of awards was decided by drawing lots, with the pianists drawing the lots themselves.

The prizes were awarded in the following order:


Alexandre Uninsky


Imre Ungar (Hungary)


Boleslaw Kon (Poland)


Abram Lufer (USSR)


Lajos (Louis) Kentner (Hungary)


Leonid Sagalov (USSR)

VII Leon Borunski (Poland)
VIII Teodor Gutman (USSR)
IX Gyula Karolyi (Hungary)
X Kurt Engel (Austria)
XI Emanuel Grossman (USSR)
XII Josef Wagner (Germany)
XIII Maryla Jonasówna (Poland)
XIV Lily Herz (Hungary)
XV Suzanne de Mayere

The Polish Radio prize for the best performance of the mazurkas went to Alexandre Uninsky.

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