Wersja polska | Polish version

    Attended by 130 participants from 32 countries

    The jury assessed the artistic interpretation of the competitors according to the same rules as used in the previous Competition.

The prizes were awarded in the following order:

I not awarded
II (joint winner)

Philippe Giusiano (France)

Alexei Sultanov (Russia)


Gabriela Montero (USA)


Rem Urasin (Russia)


Rika Miyatani (Japan)


Magdalena Lisak (Poland)

The Polish Radio prize for the best perfomance of the mazurkas - not awarded.

The Frederick Chopin Society Prize for the best performance of a polonaise - not awarded.

The National Philharmonic Prize for the best performance of a concerto - not awarded.

Honourable mention:

Nelson Goerner (Argentina), Nami Ejiri (Japan), Andrey Ponochevny (Belarus), Katia Skanavi (Russia).

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