Wersja polska | Polish version

    Attended by 124 pianists from 32 countries

    The point system, its calculation, and the selection of candidates for to the next stage were identical to the ninth and tenth Competition. The results of the second stage were established on the basis of a sum of the averages achieved by the participants in the first and second stages; the outcome of the third stage, on the basis of the sum of the averages obtained in all three stages while the results of the finale were decided on the basis of the sum of the averages of points won in all stages and the finale.

The prizes were awarded in the following order:


Stanislav Bunin (USSR)


Marc Laforet (France)


Krzysztof Jablonski (Poland)


Michie Koyama (Japan)


Jean-Marc Luisada (France)


Tatyana Pikayzen (USSR)

The Polish Radio prize for the best perfomance of the mazurkas went to Marc Laforet.

The Frederick Chopin Society Prize for the best performance of a polonaise was awarded to Stanislav Bunin.

The National Philharmonic Prize for the best performance of a concerto was presented to Stanislav Bunin.

Honourable mention:

Fran(ois Killian (France), Ivari Ilya (USSR), Ludmil Angelov, Kayo Miki (Japan)

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