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    Attended by 149 pianists from 37 countries

    The jury assessed the artistic interpretation of each of the participants on a scale of 1-25 points. The average was calculated upon the same basis as the previous Competition as well as for the the list of competitors admitted to the next stage. The results of the second stage were determined on the basis of the average of points gained only in that stage. The outcome of the third stage was established on the basis of a sum of the averages of points won in the second and third stages. After the finale, the competition Director presented the jury with the sums of the average achieved by the finalists, in all stages, including the finale, and the prize winners were selected. A minimum of 66 points was necessary to win the first prize. Starting with this Competition, separate points were given not only for the performance of a polonaise and the mazurkas but also for the interpretation of the finale concerto, which was also rewarded by a special prize.

The prizes were awarded in the following order:


Dang Thai Son (Vietnam)


Tatyana Shebanova (USSR)


Arutyun Papazyan (USSR)

IV not awarded
V (joint winners)

Akiko Ebi (Japan)

Ewa Poblocka (Poland)

VI (joint winners)

Eric Berchot (France)

Irina Pietrova (USSR)

The Polish Radio prize for the best perfomance of the mazurkas went to Dang Thai Son and Ewa Poblocka.

The Frederick Chopin Society Prize for the best performance of a polonaise was awarded to Dang Thai Son and Tatyana Shebanova.

The National Philharmonic Prize for the best performance of a concerto was presented to Dang Thai Son and Tatyana Shebanova.

Honourable mention:

Alexander Lonquich (West Germany), Hung-Kuan Chen (Taiwan), Kevin Kenner (USA), Angela Hewitt (Canada), Bernard D`Ascoli (France), William Wolfram (USA), Dan Atanasiu (Rumania), Ivo Pogorelich (Yugoslavia).

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